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The Importance of Posture

We are all spending more time in static postures – working on computers, iPads, iPhones, Kindles, sitting in cars, buses, trains and planes, watching TV. Most of us are sitting the greater part of our day. Our spines however were not designed to be kept still – it was designed for movement.

“Normal” sitting for most of us places our low back in a flexed posture, our mid back rounded and our head forward. This posture stretches the spinal ligaments, stresses our spinal joints and loads our discs. Ultimately these structures object to this stress and respond by becoming painful.

We can however control this pain by altering how we sit. It takes effort but sitting erect can become a habit.

Steps to correcting your posture:

  1. Sit well back in the chair
  2. Place a support (rolled towel, small cushion, lumbar roll) in the small of your back
  3. Sit tall by gently lifting your chest.
  4. Keep your head back over your shoulders.

The new posture will feel unusual but should not feel strained or painful.

Research has demonstrated that the longer we sit the worse our posture gets so remember to get up from sitting every 30 minutes.