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Regular Exercise is Important

Summer seems to be the time for “boot camps”. After limited exercise and activity during winter we decide that we want to get fit for summer activities and we have limited time to do so.

However we need to be careful. High intensity exercise when our bodies are not used to it is a common cause of musculo-skeletal injuries. We need to “train” our bodies and work slowly at improving our mobility, improving our cardio- vascular fitness and developing strength. Not all of us can achieve these gains at the same rate. Importantly we should not try and keep up with others in an exercise group.

It is important to:

  • Identify what we want to achieve with exercise – better flexibility, better fitness, better strength
  • Where possible have an exercise professional assess your mobility, cardio-vascular fitness and strength.
  • Start slowly, and exercise regularly
  • Choose an exercise routine / activity that you enjoy and suits your life style – that way you are more likely to continue doing it.

Research has shown that the regularity of the exercise is more important that the intensity. Enjoy working on your fitness for summer without risking injury.